don't bother trying to explain, angel.
me: "*looks over field* we only get 6, 7 notes most of the time "
me: "*single tear* but we're honest prairie bloggers, same as anyone else"

I feel so tiny in this world that is millions of places over oceans and mountains and tall grass blowing in wind and all the people we passed all the headlights and stars mulling them over in a bed that is so big it makes me feel even smaller and I know that I am nothing flitting through a world that will crumble long after I fall to my knees.

Your touch leaves black tar fingerprints on my skin and I’m standing in this shitty motel shower scrubbing furiously watching layers of skin flake down the drain but the black is on my bones and I know I should be more worried about hiding the fact that I’ve peeled back all my muscles and tendons trying to eradicate these traces of you but all I can think about is how angry I am that nothing I do will bleach you from my skeletal frame and your hands are still wrapped around my neck but I can’t pry them off and my bones are coming through my skin where you ripped me open but I haven’t got the time to stitch myself back together and some nights I wake up before the sun and I swear I can still smell your breath on my pillows your sweat on my sheets my bed is a mess because of your constant tossing and turning but when I reach out in the dark my hands return empty and I’m scared you made me forget how to live stuffed my ears with cotton so I couldn’t hear the pleading words of my friends urging me to pull myself back on my feet and even from this far away your hands are covering my eyes to keep the constant sight of my disappearing body from reminding me that I’m slipping away and if I let these few remaining pieces fade out I will never be able to find them on my knees in the dark grabbing blindly for something I don’t even recall the shape of.


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